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Creating Value Through Custom Solutions

Direct Compactor & Baler is dedicated to finding the most efficient, cost effective and safest solutions to your waste reduction/minimization needs. A member from our team of qualified, experienced professionals is available to evaluate your current situation to determine the best solutions for your company needs. We offer comprehensive solutions to commercial and industrial facilities of all sizes. Our evaluations are thorough, concise and complete.


Our company provides the very best rentals, sales, and repairs. State-of-the-art compactor products and equipment are available from self-contained compactor units to pre-crushers to stationary compactors through years of experience, we know what customers expect; and we strive each day to deliver above and beyond those expectations.


Direct Compactor and Baler has combined experience of over 100 years in the waste and recycling equipment business and continues to grow. Our company has worked with hundreds of customers across multiple types of situations and that combined experience is ready to help with your needs. We have the experience to make sure you get the right solution.

Customer Service

Beginning with the initial contact our staff uses all of their recourses to assist the customers with their needs. Our company understands space and the need for efficiency in processing the waste stream from your facility.  We are in the service business not the equipment business.  Understanding that key distinction has driven us to ensure that we quickly respond to customer needs and ensure that the remain satisfied throughout the life of our relationship.

After the unit is installed we will continue to work with you to answer any questions or solve problems you may encounter during the life of the unit.  We share and understand the urgency on matters related to our equipment or service and work diligently to rectify and situation immediately.

Direct Compactor and Baler has been built on extreme customer service delivered on every sale, rental, or service call. You can rest assured that help is only a quick call away.


Most locations that have a high volume of waste or recycling to dispose of don’t worry about its removal until a problem occurs.  With our rental program and Planned Maintenance program our periodic inspections of the equipment the likelihood of equipment downtime is greatly reduced.



Direct Compactor and Baler has a full line of quality equipment available including: self-contained compactors, stationary compactors, vertical compactors, vertical balers, receiver boxes, and specialty compaction equipment.


Cost savings

A reduction in the overall operating cost are achieved in most cases by utilizing our system.


The cost for repairs and maintenance are covered under our rental program.  We have service technicians available to work on your equipment to ensure that your operation has the least down time possible.

Cash Flow

With now large capital expense up front the rental program allows you to increase your cash flow with a minimal monthly payment for the rental of the equipment.

Turnkey program

Our staff will start with the site survey and recommend the most efficient type of equipment and coordinate with you every step of the way through the decision process and also through the delivery and installation and including the training of your staff to operate the equipment after it is installed.


Direct Compactor and Baler is more than just sales and rental of new or used equipment.  Our service department operates 24/7/365.

We have a fleet of fully stocked service trucks with factory trained technicians that are available for on-site repair and service of compactors and vertical balers for normal repairs as well as emergency solutions.  Our service department also offers a Planned Maintenance program for checkups and preventative measures on your equipment.

We stock a wide variety of parts for most compactor and baler makes and models. Our service personnel are capable of working on and repairing most major manufacturer’s equipment.

Direct Compactor and Baler uses a computerized dispatching and smart phone technology.  We use a methodical approach to prepare and outfit our service personnel and vehicles with the right skills, tools and parts to get the job done right the first time.  Our fleet of service trucks include cranes, welders, torches, and a wide assortment of the most commonly used parts and tools to repair electrical, hydraulic, and structural problems.

We are able to complete most minor repairs onsite, but if there is a major problem we have the capability to transport the compactor to our facility and make the repairs and test the unit prior to returning to your location.


Direct Compactor and Baler, provides full-service steel and metal fabrication services to our customers. This includes the design, fabrication and construction of such system components as customized container platforms, enclosures, hopper, and chutes. These elements may be designed into new or retrofit projects to more efficiently handle a buildings waste applications, to provide better hauler access and to screen containers for appearance or regulatory purposes. Our team can assist you in providing the right solution for any situation.

Direct Compactor and Baler, leads the way in custom metal fabrication on compactor and baler installation and rebuilding services. For every project, we work with you to create a custom fabrication solution. From large-scale components to complex assemblies, our fabrication team has the experience and resources to deliver the products you demand.

We want to save you time and money. At Direct Compactor and Baler, metalworking is done in-house in our facility, which allows us to streamline the entire fabrication process We offer full-service metal fabrication under one roof to ensure the highest level of quality control and most cost-effective delivery.


Developing customized programs tailored to the specific needs of each building or development including

    • Hoppers
    • Chutes
    • Dog House hopper enclosures
    • Full Walk-on or Drive-on Enclosure
  • Rebuilding Compactors and balers
  • Receiver boxes
  • Maximizing the customer’s relationship with the hauler
  • Troubleshooting building clearance and access issues


Pure and simple, customer service has been the key to our success. Whether it is regular maintenance, customer fabrication or equipment rental, our full time qualified staff is available to work efficiently with you to resolve any issue.



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