Evaluations & Reconditioning


Evaluation: Reporting the overall condition of your equipment

  • Although repairing a piece of equipment is always an option; it is not always the best option. At Direct Compactor and Baler, we believe that the most informed decision is the best decision and as such we can provide you with a report on the overall condition of your equipment.
  • This report will include a detailed evaluation of your equipment and will include our recommendations. Included in the report will be a selling price or trade-in value for the equipment which can be used for tax purposes or as a deduction should you choose to trade-in your piece of equipment for an upgrade. For more information on trade-ins, please see the Trade-In section of our website.
  • Should you wish to simply scrap your piece of equipment, we can schedule to have it removed once your new piece of equipment arrives.
  • As your business grows and needs change we can assist you should upgrades or equipment changes be required. Our customer's satisfaction is paramount!


Recondition: Is your equipment working at full capacity?

  • Direct Compactor and Baler offers reconditioning services to help bring the equipment to like new condition. This service includes is a complete overhaul of worn and/or faulty parts within the equipment. We will also insure that your equipment meets all original equipment manufacturer safety and operational standards that may apply.
  • Even if a piece of equipment is operational, that does not necessarily mean it is operating at full capacity. When a piece of equipment is not operating at optimal capacity, it may not compact your material as efficiently. This will lead to more frequent hauling; the end result is increased disposal rates. Furthermore, when your equipment is not operating correctly, it may pose a safety risk for your employees.
  • Direct Compactor and Baler strives to satisfy each individual customer and will insure that you have the most complete information to make the best decision possible.
  • We have a very experienced team of welders, fabricators and technicians to completely disassemble compactors and power units so they can be fully rebuilt.  We can finalize the rebuild process with the necessary custom hoppers, full enclosures, cart tippers and custom power units as required.


What Goes into a Reconditioned Compactor?

  • Inspection & replacement of damaged or worn parts (Ram Tops, Floors, Cylinders, Etc…)
  • Testing and repair Power Unit
  • Customize loading configurations
  • Painting of the reconditioned equipment
  • Installation on equipment is available


Why a Direct Compactor and Baler Rebuild?

  • Less expensive than continued maintenance on existing compactor
  • Lower cost than New equipment
  • Proven record based on installation and maintenance of hundreds of units across the area
  • Possible trade in value of current compactor
  • Reduction in down time at your location due to compactor not operating at full efficiency
  • Proper disposal of current compactor
  • Customer Service before, during and after the Rebuild
  • Opportunity to improve refuse handling
  • Improved appearance of grounds