Direct Compactor and Baler is a full service rental, fabrication, and service/repair company offering a wide variety of waste and recycling equipment.


Finding the right equipment solutions should not be a project.

The two most valuable commodities you have are time and energy. The last thing you want to do is waste them attempting to source equipment for your job. That's why Direct Compactor and Baler offers you access to a highly trained cadre of professionals that are uniquely qualified at developing waste minimizing solutions that work. This knowledge comes from years of hands-on experience. Additionally, our staff is comprised of specially trained professionals that know the industry. Our qualified staff has years of experience. Consequently, you will always receive a comprehensive evaluation to determine YOUR best waste-reduction-compacting program and the follow up necessary to recommend the correct equipment and service required to achieve success.

Get high quality, low maintenance equipment that is affordable.  We understand the importance of downtime and work to minimize that in order to maximize your profitability. Installation and repairs are included in our rental pricing and are performed by our technicians.


Direct Compactor and Baler provides commercial and industrial waste reduction/minimization consultation, equipment sales and rentals and service to companies of all sizes. We provide rental of balers, pre-crushers, self-contained and stationary compactors. We can recommend equipment and programs for specialized applications, too.

Beginning with an initial site survey, we provide a free customized cost analysis, then work with you to determine the optimum placement and possible compaction enclosure.

After the unit is installed, we will continue to work with you regarding any questions and to solve any problems you may encounter during the life of the unit.  We share and understand the urgency on any matters relating to our equipment or service and will work to rectify and situation immediately.


Responding to customer needs is the core of our business success. We realize that all businesses are not the same. Tailoring programs that cater to the uniqueness of each customer is part of our responsibility. A willingness to look at alternatives is also part of our standard process. Additionally, we have streamlined the decision making process so we can react quickly to your requests.

Our company offers an extensive variety of equipment to serve the needs of both the small and large business sectors. This includes commercial, multi-family residential, industrial, municipal, and specialized service industries. Our company is a waste minimization/compaction service company working in Texas and surrounding areas. We provide superior service and equipment by investing in the best people and equipment available. We perform complete installation services from single units to multiple, integrated fully automatic systems.

Direct Compactor and Baler is ready to serve customers requiring a high level of technical expertise, we offer a diversified product mix, as well as trained experts.

Competitive Pricing

At Direct Compactor and Baler RENTAL we are aware of the economic impact of our service. Achieving material or waste volume reduction effects cost savings by reducing the number of hauls, labor costs and waste storage problems and expense. To that end, we are focused on improving operational and unit efficiencies and developing cost effective disposal arrangements.

Creating rental value though custom rental solutions.

At Direct Compactor and Baler, we understand there is more to a renting equipment than just price. Renting offers numerous benefits over purchasing equipment up front. Here are a few reasons why our rental program makes the most sense:

  • Customer service – you can rest assured that help is a quick phone call or email request away.
  • Convenience
  • Cost effective
  • Quick when you need equipment right away
  • Savings pays for the rental payment and produces a positive cash flow
  • Requires NO capital investment – improving your company’s cash flow
  • No large up-front investment is required to rent. Just arrange the rental contract that works for you and then budget the monthly payments.
  • No maintenance costs for the full term of the rental
  • Includes delivery, installation and maintenance
  • Various length of term rentals
  • Reduced pick up frequency -means reducing costly repairs to driveway and reduced likelihood of accidents
  • We work with several equipment manufacturers, allowing us to provide the widest selection and most options. Best piece of equipment for the job
  • We are in the service business – not the rental business. Understanding that key distinction has driven us to ensure that we quickly respond to customer needs and ensure that they remain satisfied throughout the life of our relationship

Give us a call or request a free quote customized to your specific project needs.

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Direct Compactor and Baler is more than just a sales and rental equipment company. Our service and repair department operates 24/7/365.

Our family of companies was built on extreme customer service delivered on every sale, rental and service call. You can rest assured that help is always a quick call away.

We have a fleet of fully stocked repair trucks and factory-trained service staff that are available for on-site compactor repairs and emergencies. Our service department also offers a Planned Maintenance program and check-ups.

Our Planned Maintenance program works just like a service tune-up for your automobile.  Our service technicians will perform the multi-point full inspection on your equipment.  This PM program helps to ensure the long life of your machine as well as prevent potential problems before they start.

Our Planned Maintenance program includes the following checks:

  • Check the compactor/baler operation
  • All controls are operating properly
  • Check hydraulic pressures
  • Inspect the hydraulic hoses, fittings, pump, and cylinders for oil leaks
  • A step by step check of all electrical connections and fuses
  • Check oil level
  • Lubricate the machine
  • Inspect machine mounting anchors
  • Inspect access covers
  • Check for SAFE operation
  • Notify customer of service requirements and SAFETY issues


Direct Compactor and Baler stocks a wide variety of parts for most compactor/vertical baler makes and models.

Rentals eliminate unexpected cost of repairs however this programs works well for your owned equipment.  Our team of service personnel will ensure that your compactor is working correctly.

Metal Fabrication Services

Direct Compactor and Baler, provides full-service steel and metal fabrication services to our customers. This includes the design, fabrication and construction of such system components as customized container platforms, enclosures, hopper, and chutes. These elements may be designed into new or retrofit projects to more efficiently handle a buildings waste applications, to provide better hauler access and to screen containers for appearance or regulatory purposes. Our team can assist you in providing the right solution for any situation.

Direct Compactor and Baler, leads the way in custom metal fabrication on compactor and baler installation and rebuilding services. For every project, we work with you to create custom fabrication solution. From large-scale components to complex assemblies, our fabrication team has the experience and resources to deliver the products you demand.

We want to save you time and money. At Direct Compactor and Baler, metalworking is done in-house in our facility, which allows us to streamline the entire fabrication process We offer full-service metal fabrication under one roof to ensure the highest level of quality control and most cost-effective delivery.

Quality craftsmanship and Custom Metal Fabrication

  • Developing customized programs tailored to the specific needs of each building or development including
    • Hoppers
    • Chutes
    • Dog House hopper enclosures
    • Full walk-on or Drive-on Enclosure
  • Rebuilding Compactors and balers
  • Receiver boxes
  • Maximizing the customer’s relationship with the hauler
  • Troubleshooting building clearance and access issues

Give us a call or email request for your service, parts or fabrication needs

Direct Compactor and Baler is a full service rental company offering a wide range of equipment to our customers, including: retail, industrial, commercial, multi-family and special custom installations.  We deliver what you need when you need it.

Retail Locations


Sample Direct Compactor and Baler installation at a Retail location. We deliver what you need, where and when you need it.

Industrial Locations


Direct Compactor and Baler sources, delivers and installs specialty equipment to serve the needs of industrial customers nationwide.

Multi-family residential location


Specialty equipment and installation for multi-family residential locations.

Metal Fabrication Services


Direct Compactor and Baler, offers custom metal fabrication services. We deliver high quality solutions your project.