Support when you need it. Renting provides 24/7 support when you have equipment-related needs after hours.

Financial Benefits. Helps conserve working capital, low fixed monthly rental rates include repair and maintenance costs, low initial investment.

Comprehensive equipment knowledge. Rental professionals advise and train on the operation of the equipment rented.

Performance guaranteed. Rental equipment for Direct Compactor and Baler comes with a worry-free guarantee assuring you that equipment will be serviced and properly maintained.

Simple Rental Agreements. The Rental Agreements offered by Direct Compactor and Baler are designed to be easy, flexible, and most importantly, affordable. We will work with you to ensure that you receive that machine you need at a price you can afford. These agreements are designed to be a simple process to get you the equipment you need quickly.

Fewer support items means reduced overhead. Renting cuts costs by eliminating the need for storage, maintenance and repair parts, a service area, and maintenance staff.

Tax Benefits Rental payments may be tax deductible (check with your tax accountant)

Keep projects on schedule. Renting helps reduce both downtime from equipment maintenance and the cost of parts and labor.

Delivery to your Location. Renting can eliminate the hassles and costs of transporting equipment.

Demo the equipment. Renting allows access to the most advanced, innovative equipment available.

Trash Hauling.  Changing haulers is easy under the Direct Compactor and Baler Rental Program. With our Compactor Service Agreement, your company is granted the right to use the hauler that is best suited for one or many locations. Direct Compactor and Baler  compaction equipment is compatible with all hauler-owned collection equipment. Direct Compactor and Baler compacts waste to save you hauls, and the hauler saves you money by hauling heavy payloads less often.

The “Right” Equipment. Direct Compactor and Baler rentals are ideal for: warehouses and logistic centers, office buildings, nursing homes, colleges & universities, strip malls, restaurants, hotels & resorts, apartment complexes, convention centers, manufacturing plants, industrial parks, construction sites, and much more. Our top quality waste compactors are built to withstand high volume and heavy duty industrial applications.

What does Direct Compactor and Baler provide?

  1. One Direct Compactor and Baler rental quality compactor

  2. Electronically Controlled Hydraulic

  3. Turn-key installation

  4. Equipment freight

  5. Start-up and demonstration

  6. Lifetime warranty on all parts and labor (except customer abuse, vandalism, and hauler damage)

What does the customer (end-user) provide?

  1. Electrical service, with a fused disconnect mounted within 6 feet of the power pack location prior to installation. Final connection shall be made by our qualified technician during the installation while our crew is still on-site.

  2. Electrical maintenance, voltage, and fuses

  3. One concrete pad measuring 10' X 40' X 6" inches for stationary type compactor-container combinations, or one 10' X 30' X 6" inches for self-contained type compactors with sealed containers

  4. All applicable taxes and insurance coverage

In summary:

Direct Compactor and Baler has many configurations for their rentals. So, If you choose to rent know that we will work tirelessly to get you what you want.  Direct Compactor and Baler will ensure that are satisfied with your choice of equipment and most importantly, the overall cost of your deal.

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